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Our Goal is to provide you with the most up to date information and Exemplary Service at all times. Homes are an important decision and a long term investment. When Your Money Matters, you need and deserve the most competent professional help available. We strive to always be on top of the market and to further our education's, that we may be knowledgeable to give you the best service and advice at all times.


You have decided to sell your home. What should a good agent or company do for you? The answer is not simple, because each home and home owner are different. Then you must add the differences of market, time of the year, and the list goes on. Good agents have a program that evolves with time on the market. This has a lot to do with keeping the listing out in front of the audience of home buyers and making changes to seek a different audience, as well as attempting to keep the presentation fresh.



  1. The agent will make an appointment to measure your home. Some will give you a pre-listing packet of aids and things to do before this meeting or at this meeting. No good agent will give you an exact price at this time. Beware instant numbers, the market is always changing and a good professional will do their research before they quote a price.
  2. The agent will do a Comprehensive Market Analysis. This means they will compare your home and amenities with at least three and possibly more homes that have sold recently in your neighborhood. These homes should match your home in style, size and amenities. The homes should be similar in age, condition and updates. If the homes have differences, adjustments in value will be made for each change, to make your home and theirs as equal as possible. Once this is done, a very small price range will appear. Your home should sell within this range. Taking into consideration, the type of property you have, an estimate of time to sell should be given based on recent market statistics. This CMA will be shown to you and explained. Properly priced homes sell quicker and for a lot more money.
  3. Based on the most probable selling price, the agent will then prepare a cash out sheet, explaining what you will take away at the closing table. This will include your mortgage, any second mortgages, other liens against the property, property taxes, interest to the day of closing expense, assessments, commissions, attorneys, documentary stamps, inspections, etc. This number should be reasonably close.
  4. Then the agent should explain their marketing plan. How they will advertise your home and why they choose that particular plan for your home.
  5. This also the time that you may receive a list of things the agent believes you should do to the home to receive the highest price. Some may be little things like dusting the furnace and furnace pipes. Touch painting where the kids messed up the walls or re-carpeting a bedroom. Remember, this is not personal or an assault on your house. Some things may not increase price, but may just help the home sell faster. Once you make the decision to sell your home, you are a retailer and in competition with every other home in the market. Your home will not sell until it is the cleanest and best home for the dollar in that market or at least comparable to the competition. Buyers shop with their eyes. Most have made up their minds about your home before they even enter the door. Good agents help you to compete!
  6. The agent will also ask you what you like the best about your home, what you would change and what first attracted you to the home.
  7. The agent will explain the listing contract to you and answer any of your questions.
  8. A sign will be placed in the yard.
  9. Your listing will be submitted to the Multiple Listing Service within one working day or 24 hours.
  10. you will be given instructions of how to record and handle showings. It is always best that you are not there. Go shopping or take a walk. People can not take psychological possession of your home if you are there. They think they are intruding, because they are. If you are not there, they will take more time and the longer they stay, the better your chances of a sale.
  11. Often pictures are taken for advertising. This may include interior pictures for the web, flyers, faxes to other offices, magazines, newspapers and other advertising.
  12. An office tour may be held some morning to allow agents from the office to see your home.
  13. An Open house for realtors may be held some morning or over lunch. (Nothing brings out realtors like free food).
  14. Open House for the general public on a Saturday or Sunday may be planned.
  15. The marketing program will be put into place, Newspaper, Information boxes, flyers, agent contact faxes, the Web, Radio, Television, Flyers to neighbors, posting of the listing on local bulletin boards, the list of possible advertising is truly endless. Not everything works on all homes. Some of it does not work on any homes. That is why your agent will prepare a plan on what they believe is best for your home. This often will include doing something new every week, to change the audience and marketing focus.
  16. Your agent should update you as to what is going on. Some sellers want this done once a week. Others just want to be notified if something is actually going on. The decision should be yours. Minimally, you should have an update at least once a month. I know it is hard to sit and wait. Every time someone shows your house or you have an Open House, you get excited. Often you may not hear from THE BUYER for days, even weeks after they view your home. They may be new to the market or have problems to resolve before they can buy. Best advice is never get excited until you are at the closing table and you already have the check. Good agents do check up, but in the age of buyer agency, an agent with someone interested will not tell much if anything. If an offer is written, you will get a call to present it. If you do not get the call, the buyer went elsewhere. Knowing does not make it better.


  1. When an offer comes in, your agent will arrange presentation. Your agent should then explain the offer and all it's ramifications and contingencies to you.
  2. A Cash Out sheet based on the offer will be prepared by your agent for you.
  3. Your agent will demand information about the buyers, if they are pre qualified, pre approved (and there is a difference), their job and time on job, debt ratio to income, if they have a house to sell, are capable of bridging a loan, etc.
  4. At presentation you have three options: Accept, Reject, Counter the Offer. Your agent will discuss these options and what they believe is best for you.
  5. If you accept the offer, you may be done. The other choice is to counter the offer. It is like tennis. When you list the property, you are announcing to the world that if someone gives you x dollars you will sell the home - that is your serve. An offer with other terms is a volley from a prospective buyer to buy on his terms. You can accept this volley and win the game or volley another proposal or compromise back. Hopefully, the proposals are close enough that you can put an agreement together. If not, on to other buyers. You never just reject an offer from a potential willing and able buyer. Your agent will assist you on tactics based on the offer. Fishing offers usually get minor consideration and movement in price or terms. Good close offers may be accepted or countered close to the original offer.
  6. After acceptance of an offer, your agent will coordinate inspections, appraisal, abstracting, check or assist in buyers financing and remind you of changing utilities, insurance, mail etc.
  7. Usually your agent will supply you with listings and assist you in finding a new home. See Buyers Agent, he can also connect you with qualified agents in other areas if you are leaving the area.
  8. Your agent will see that the closing is set up. That all the attorneys etc. are there at the right place and time. If you will not be present, (transfer), your agent will make sure your attorney has had you pre sign the deed and given him power of attorney to close for you and send or wire you the proceeds.
  9. Once a closing is set, your agent will make sure you arrange final readings of the meters and possession is agreed to.
  10. Your agent will also make sure that any re-inspections are done on time and all necessary paperwork is provided to your attorney and the buyer's lender.
  11. Your agent should coordinate final walk through with the selling agent and you.
  12. If you are purchasing a new home, the closing of your new home will be set up. Usually just after your present house closes.
  13. Finally your agent will go to closing with you and oversee the closing, making sure that the HUD and other papers agree with the Offer to Purchase, will take care of any side agreements between you and the purchasers for private property. Will see to the exchange of keys and make sure possession is still agreed to.


  1. First we offer ourselves. Cyndee and I have 50 years between the two of us in Real Estate. We have closed more homes than some companies, over 2000 to date. We are both Real Estate Brokers, not just agents, in Iowa and Illinois. Both are Certified Residential Specialist, Accredited Buyers Representatives, e-Pro and Graduates of the Real Estate Institute. I am also a Master Residential Appraiser, RECS and Certified Residential Broker. Cyndee is a past Mortgage Loan Originator. What does this mean to you? It means we have been through the wars, have resolved major problems for our clients and are still here. We are your Realtor's for life.  Technologically we are at the top of the pyramid and intend to stay there. Our personal site, is one of the largest and most visited content sites in the Midwest. We ask you to enter our site, because there are no short answers and we are committed to offer the very best in service that is available. Brenda Peters, our Client Care Coordinator is a super addition to our staff. She is licensed as an agent in Iowa and Illinois. There is always one of us available to meet your needs. Together with you, we will achieve your goals.
  2. We have extended tours also on realtor.com., (The National Association of Realtors official web site). This is the largest web site for listing information and real estate in North America.
  3. We are on the office web site www.davenportrealestate.com 
  4. At www.remax.com , the largest franchise real estate site in the United States, you will also find all of our listings with expanded picture tours..
  5. We have the largest personal real estate web site in the area at www.quadcitiesrealestate.com with virtual tours available on your home. Our site in prominent on all the major search engines and is listed by MSN, Google, Yahoo and most major search engines in the top ten in most keyword searches.
  6. Our listings are also submitted to other sites to increase our listings visibility to the whole web and incoming relocation families.
  7. We are members of over eight other internet referral organizations, including, senior search and others...
  8. RE/MAX is the largest international Real Estate company in the world. Over 80,000 agents and one million transactions a year. As a result, RE/MAX dominates Atlanta, Chicago and most major markets. The result is there are more RE/MAX referrals than in other companys of qualified incoming prospects for your home.
  9. We have contracted with Media.com to advertise our listings on channel 72, the Cable Real Estate site to give you even more exposure.
  10. People like to see your home in person, so our team has more open homes than normally held to give you more exposure and to make sure that buyer has ample opportunity to find and view your home.
  11. Yes, we still do the normal magazines, newspaper and other forms of advertising. Just like the standard program listed above. Anyone can settle for average, when your money matters, maybe you would like professionals to do what they do best? Call us at 388-0008

This is what we do for sellers in every transaction. Our average listing this year is 28 days on the market to sale, versus the Board average of 56 days. We are averaging 97.8% Asking price to sale price.  94% of our listings sell if there is clear title to the property. The above is what a good listing agent will do for you. We wrote it because this is our market plan and it works. If you have any questions or would like us to come out and measure up your home.                 E-Mail us at tom&cyndee@quadcitiesrealestate.com

Comprehensive Market Analysis are free and there is no obligation. We with your family are a marketing team. If we all work together we can get you the best results. Call us at 563-388-0008.